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Updated: 1/15/2020
Steve the Shark
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  • After the cells are done growing, they make a copy of the DNA, which is the instructions for making you look like you. Your DNA is the reason you might have blue or brown eyes. All the DNA is in the middle of the cell, which is separated by a thin wall. This area of the cell is called the nucleus.
  • First, they'll go through a step called interphase. During interphase, the cells grow, copy DNA, and prepare for division. When the cells are growing, they make more organelles. Organelles are parts of the cell that are needed for it to work. Just like you need your lungs and heart to live.
  • Once interphase is completed, the next stage of cell division happens, which is called prophase. In prophase, The copies of the chromosomes are held together by something called a centromere.
  • Once the DNA is copied, the things that are needed for cell division are made. One of the things that are needed for splitting the cell are centrioles, which make the spindle fibers that are later used to pull apart the chromosomes. Chromosomes are basically just tightly packed strands of DNA.
  • During metaphase, the chromosomes line up in the middle of the cell. The spindle fibers get attached to the centromeres around the chromosomes. The nuclear membrane is totally gone. After this step comes anaphase.
  • The centrioles move to opposite sides of the cell, and then make spindle fibers, which are supposed to attach to the centromeres and pull the chromosomes apart. The nuclear membrane, which is the thin wall around the chromosomes, starts to break down. After prophase happens, metaphase is next.
  • After anaphase, telophase occurs. The spindle fibers and centrioles break down. The chromosomes are at the opposite ends of the cell. The nuclear membrane starts to reform.
  • During anaphase, The centromere dissolves and the chromosomes are pulled apart by the spindle fibers towards the opposite ends of the cells, where the centrioles are.
  • In animal cells, The cell membrane pinches together around the middle of the cell.But in plant cells, The plant’s cell wall is too hard for it to squeeze together like the animal cell. Instead, a new wall is created in the middle of the cell. This is called the cell plate.
  • After telophase, the last step of cell division happens. This step is called cytokinesis. During cytokinesis, the cytoplasm, which is the material around the organelles of the cell, splits in two. The nuclear membrane is totally formed.
  • Animal Cells
  • Plant Cells
  • So your cells will keep multiplying and replace the blood and skin that you lost. You'll be fine in no time at all!
  • Phew! Thanks, Doc!
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