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Updated: 3/3/2020
Anthem Storyboard

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  • Chapter One
  • Of course they send me there
  • Street Sweeper!
  • Chapter One
  • Let's tell the council.
  • Chapter Two
  • Her hair is as yellow as the sun.
  • Equality is assigned his job that he will have for the rest of his life. This is not the job he wanted. He wanted to be a scholar but he knew the did not want him questioning their society and he would try for change. This is confirmed when the book states, "He always wanted to be a Scholar but, they all announced was "Street Sweeper"(Rand, 1938, pg 26).
  • Chapter Two
  • Is he looking at me?
  • They discover a mysterious cave. The group is conflicted on want they should do with it but they decide to go in after Equality say, "The council does not know of this hole, so it cannot be forbidden"(Rand,1938,pg 31). When the boys jump down into the hole they discover it is a man made cave from before the unmentionable times.
  • Chapter Three
  • When he saw Liberty for the first time working in the fields there was a immediate connection between the two. this connection made them get closer and closer until they were in reaching distance. It was illegal to talk to someone of the opposite sex but neither cared.
  • Chapter Four
  • Want some water?
  • Equality witnesses the burning of a man. The more he watches the more he notices about the man. He notices that his tongue has been ripped out when Equality says"They had torn out the tongue of the Transgressor" This means he spoke of the unspeakable word(Rand,1938,Pg 50). The whole time he was burned alive the Transgressor looked at Equality like he was passing on the ropes. 
  • When Equality and his friends were dissecting a frog they accidentally shocked the frogs lifeless body with a copper wire around it and it caused it to twitch. When the boys discovered this they grabbed every bit of wire they could and started invent new advanced technologies. Equality believed it was the future of the world
  • Think of the limitless power we have
  • One day when he was sweeping the Streets he noticed Liberty walking towards him. this would be the first time they talked to each other. before this they had talked with no words. Liberty offered Equality some water from her hands which Equality accepts even though there is almost nothing left in her hands.
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