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Updated: 2/7/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Hello! My name is Hadia.
  • I am an academic student, and have been in the academic level since the first day of grade 9.
  • During the first year of high school, I used to sit in the library and cafeteria with my friends almost everyday, and now this year I like to sit in the library sometimes to do or finish some work, or to just spend some time with my friends by chilling in the library.
  • My most favourite subjects are Science and Art, and my least favourite subject depends on how hard a part of the subject gets.
  • Last year, I joined choir, and participated in Arts Alive. I also auditioned for the talent show last year, and tried out for sports teams. I would like to perform at the talent show and the musical, and be on the badminton team this year.
  • After school, or when I don't have school, I like to go to the mall, watch movies, go to a restaurant with my family, and have fun.
  • I also want to pursue a career as a dentist when I grow up.
  • The End