Emancipation Proclamation 2

Updated: 10/7/2021
Emancipation Proclamation  2

Storyboard Text

  • "Some southern states with mostly Democrats finally decided to secede from the US and create the CONFEDERATE STATES OF AMERICA. They wanted to keep slavery, and the north didn't. During that time, I was in the north, and I was very shocked. I KNEW that this meant nothing but trouble."
  • Southerner (Democrat)
  • blah blah blah
  • Northerner (Republican)
  • Just like the United States, they had a president
  • "Abraham Lincoln was the US president and Jefferson David was the president for the Confederate States of America. Months after South Carolina seceded, David became president after years of serving in US congress"
  • Jefferson David
  • I have many credentials including serving as a Democratic politician, part of the Mexican war, Senator for Mississippi. Born in Kentucky and raised in Mississippi, I strongly believe in the rights of Southerners to own slaves
  • Do you have any questions so far?
  • Granpa, what does "secede" mean? I have never seen that word before!
  • Secede is not a common word, but it means to break away nicely. Back then, the Confederate States seceded from the United States, meaning that they left and made their own country
  • Right after they seceded, the big bad war began!
  • April 12, 1861
  • "I war in a neighborhood party when I heard my parents, your great-grandparents, talking about an attack in South Carolina and the CIVIL WAR. I didn't understand at the time, but the war would change my life."
  • Young George
  • .
  • George's ParentsRose & Jackson
  • Are you serious? You must have heard it wrong?? Fort Sumter was attacked!! That means the country is under attack from the Confederates States. What do we do now? Even the north isn't safe for us blacks!!
  • May 26, 1861
  • Eddy (fugitive)
  • "That day I met my uncle named Eddy. I was too young to understand, but he had just escaped slavery in the South and decided to join the 1st LA NATIVE GUARDS, one of the first all black regiment, to gain respect as a Black person and help in the war. He stopped by Indiana to meet my father. They called people like him CONTRABANDS because he was a slave who joined the Union army.
  • Nice to see you again Jackson! WOWYou have a family now!
  • Young George
  • Welcome to freedom. After 15 years apart, I'm glad you're healthy and safe. This is my wife's name Rose and my son George!
  • LA Native Guards wasn't the only all black regiment
  • "Another all black regiment in the Union army was the 54th regiment. My dream was to join and serve, but I couldn't. Then, I became a teacher"
  • March 30, 1863