Unknown Story
Updated: 2/6/2020
Unknown Story
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Storyboard Text

  • Lily (Bethany's Little Sister) is having a sleepover with a friend.
  • Lily then decided to go grab some drinks from the kitchen.
  • Lily begins to get followed by a mysterious person.
  • Bright Lighting, Non-Diegetic quiet sound of the tv playing, Medium and close up shots used.
  • Her friend hears Lily scream and rushes to see if she is okay.
  • Duller Lighting, Quiet, Low Pitch Music begins in background, Props of Cola bottle and two cups. Medium shot from behind.
  • Her friend realises that Lily has gone missing.
  • Dull Lighting, Continued eerie background music, Tracking shot from behind shows she is being followed. Props of two cups.
  • They find a note addressed to Bethany (the older sister)
  • Bethany...
  • Bright Lighting, Non-Diegetic quiet sound of the tv playing, Close-up shot showing her facial expressions and sound of her gasping.
  • Duller Lighting, No Music is now playing, Complete silence with only footsteps heard.
  • Close-up shot of the letter addressed to Bethany. No other parts of the letter are visible to read, Lily's friend gasps as she holds the letter up. Dull lighting to show the mysteriousness around the situation.
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