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Updated: 2/14/2020
Unknown Story
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  • This is my covenant with you, I will make you a father of the nations!
  • NO!
  • Judaism is thought to have begun when God made a covenant with Abraham. Abraham became the "father" of the Hebrew people.
  • The Torah was the first five books of the Hebrew Bible, they are considered the most sacred writings in their traditions. They are said to have been given to the Jews by the prophet Moses.
  • Jews celebrate many holidays. but, one of the most important holidays is the passover or Pesach. which celebrates when God spared their first born sons in Egypt.
  • The Torah consists of the first 4 books of the old testament. It contains many of the bible stories that Christian children grow up hearing. the story of creation with Adam and Eve, Noah's ark, and Moses.
  • Churches of Judaism are known as synagogues. Jewish men were obligated to pray three times a day while women had to pray once a day. During morning prayers Jews would put tefillins on their foreheads and arms, Tefillins were small square boxes containing four bible passages.
  • Those who follow Judaism followed Dietary Laws known as kosher. These laws only allowed them to eat certain foods including mammals with split hooves who chew "cud." Along with sea animals but they must have fins and scales. Pigs, crustaceans, and certain birds except chicken and turkey are not kosher.
  • Israel is thought to be the land of origin of Judaism. the holy city is Jerusalem where Jews often travel to to worship.
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