Updated: 6/10/2020
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  • Who I am
  • I am a Patriot. I believe that we should gain independence from the British, who tax us heavily and have no regard for what us citizens want.
  • Who I am Not
  • My family and friends are all loyalists. They think I am too. But I don't understand why they would stand on the side of King George who rules with the ways of a tyrant.
  • Stand with me, fellow citizens! Be not afraid to fight back!
  • The Ride of Paul Revere
  • One night, I heard the hoofs of a horse on the pavement under my window and a man's voice calling out to the citizens. It was only later that I found out, but that man was Paul Revere.
  • Late Night Expedition
  • Paul Revere inspired us Patriots to fight for what we believe is right. And in this case, it was independence.
  • As friends of yours, we cannot allow you to get into any trouble!
  • Caught!
  • Unfortunately, my friends found out and didn't let me leave.
  • Where are you going? If you don't tell us, we can't let you go!
  • I really can't tell you, I'm sorry!
  • Nothing But the Truth
  • I had no choice but to explain to them that I was a Patriot and had to go help the others.
  • I snuck out that night once I found out about what was happening, intending to help the Patriot colonists who were being shot at by the British army in any way I could.
  • "I chose to side with the Patriots because the British didn't treat us the way they should have. Think of the Stamp Act and all the unfair taxes they make us pay. Us colonists deserve to live in a free state where we make our own laws and taxes and are not ruled over by King George, who everyone knows is a tyrant!"
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