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Updated: 4/5/2020
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  • Hi Dana. Yeah it's just that I have a meeting with that new client, Mr Shoh Venistic. We are defending him for the sexual assault on his secretary. He really gives me the creeps.
  • Morning Jen, hey what's up? you look annoyed...
  • I have no idea. Mr McWilliam signed him up and didn't say anything. Just that he wants me to represent him because I have the most courtroom experience. I really hate these crimes. They make me sick.
  • Ohhh yeah...I know right! He leers at me too. It's just gross. Hey, do you think he did it?
  • Oh...OK, thanks Paul.
  • Good Luck!
  • Excuse me Jen, Mr Venistic is waiting in the meeting room.
  • Well hi there. Jen, isn't it? is it OK if I call you Jen? You are looking F-I-N-E ... fine today!
  • Ah..Good morning Mr Venistic, yes it's OK to call me Jen. I think we should get started talking about your defence and what your secretary, Miss Willis alleges to have taken place.
  • First of all...Jen, please call me Shoh.
  • Um, ok...Shoh. How about we start from the beginning. How long has Miss Willis worked for you?
  • Mmm, about 3 months. I would also like to add that from day one, she was prancing about in her short skirts and tight tops. She knew I was looking at her and she loved it!
  • Mr Venist...ah..Shoh. I need for you to stick to the facts. Miss Willis states that on the afternoon of the 15th, you had asked her to stay late and help you work on a proposal. She said throughout the evening, you had been drinking.
  • Oh, that was nothing, I always have a couple of bourbons when I'm working late. I offered her one but she's too stuck up.
  • So you were both working in your office alone. What happened then?
  • She kept leaning over in front of me to pass me files or point out information on the proposal. I could see right down her top. I feel like she was doing it on purpose to get me worked up. It was pretty obvious that she wanted me. Pleeaassee!
  • Anyway, she walked over to the printer and I knew exactly what she wanted. I walked up behind her and pressed up against the back of her.
  • What happened then?
  • I put my hands around, grabbed her breasts and squeezed them...just a bit of fun!
  • did commit the sexual assault as Miss Willlis claims?
  • WHAT??? No way that was sexual assault! I grabbed her boobs...big deal! I am not guilty and that is how I am pleading!
  • Mr Venistic, what you have described does meet the definition of Sexual Assault according to the law.
  • Yeah, yeah...whatever! Look, I did more than that to my last secretary and she never said a word. She just left. She knew her place. Look...I don't care if the law says I'm guilty, I am pleading not guilty. You will get me off right? Haha..oops! You know what I mean?
  • Mr Venistic, what you are saying is that you have done this to Miss Willis but you are pleading not guilty and you are confessing to have done it before? I'm being put in a very awkward situation and I'm not sure I can continue to represent you...
  • Oh no you don't, I insist you continue as my solicitor. I am not bothered how you feel about me. You need to do as I ask! Besides, I think it will look better for me if there is hot young woman lawyer on my side.
  • Sounds like a plan. I will see you then.
  • Ok, I think it might be a good idea to take a break. I would like to consult with Mr McWilliam regarding the best way to proceed. There is a coffee shop downstairs. Why don't you grab yourself a coffee and I will meet you in our client lounge in about 30 mins.
  • Excuse me Mr McWilliam, may I speak with you in private? It is a sensitive matter.
  • Sure Jen, Mike thank you for coming in today. I will email you the Client Agreement we discussed.
  • Mr McWilliam, this guy has admitted that he did commit this sexual assault but insists on pleading not guilty. He has also confessed to a previous sexual assault. I really do not want to represent this dirtbag but he says he only wants me to do it!
  • Now Jen, what this about? I thought you were in a meeting with Mr Venistic.
  • Look Jen, I understand how you feel but we are not in a position to reject every client that walks in accused of a crime we find abhorrent. For starters, we are not in a financial position to pick and choose our clients. Secondly, as you know, in this situation, if he insists upon you representing him, you must retain his brief. Look, I'm sorry but that's the law.
  • Yes...I know...and I can't even tell anyone about him confessing to the sexual assault on his previous secretary. It's frustrating but I guess even dirty old men have legal rights.
  • Yes, they do. Now compose yourself, and go speak with Mr Venistic about how you intend to move forward with his defence.
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