Macbeth storyboard
Updated: 2/12/2021
Macbeth storyboard

Storyboard Text

  • Act 1 - Setting
  • I kill for the win, my god!
  • Act 2 - Quote
  • "Is this a dagger I see before me?"
  • Act 3 - Character Analysis
  • What the heck is my husband going about now? I swear he is psychotic these days.
  • My friend! How are you still alive? I'm am so sorry my brother! All I wanted was power!
  • You deserve to die. You betrayer!
  • The setting in Macbeth starts on a battlefield in Scotland where Macbeth slices a man in half. The setting can help the reader understand how violent and ruthless Macbeth can be.
  • Act 4 - Theme
  • Double, double toil and trouble! Fire burn and cauldron bubble!
  • This quote can help contrast Macbeth's attitude later on in the play by showing the reader how reluctant he is about killing King Duncan but later in the play gets more violent as he is hungry for power.
  • Act 5 - Quote
  • In this scene, Lady Macbeth hosts a dinner party where Macbeth hallucinates the ghost of Banquo. This describes Macbeth as unstable because all he wanted is to become king without thinking of the consequences of killing random people.
  • Exeunt
  • Macbeth By: Shakespeare Project: Taylor Chandler 2/12/21
  • The theme of prophecy in the play is shown when Macbeth fixates on the prophecy to a point where he doesn't think about his consequences. If he didn't worry about the prophecies maybe the play could have ended in a more positive way for Macbeth.
  • This quote used in the play Macbeth can help the reader understand how Lady Macbeth hallucinates blood on her hands because she feels guilty about how she forced Macbeth to kill King Duncan for power.
  • “Out, damned spot! Out!"
  • Macbeth By: ShakespeareProject: Taylor Chandler 2/12/21