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Short Story
Updated: 3/25/2020
Short Story
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  • Wow...
  • Honey...
  • There was once a married couple that was deeply in love, practically inseparable.
  • Why? Why me?
  • One day he looked in the mirror and instead of seeing the old boring face he normally did, he notice all his best attributes. His impeccable jaw line, sparkling white teeth, deep blue eyes.
  • From then, he was glued to any and every mirror he could see. It was as if he could see nothing but himself. He completely forgot about his wife, all his friends, completely consumed by his reflection.
  • His wife no longer felt love from her husband. Her sadness led her to break all the mirrors in the house, and yet nothing changed. At some point she couldn't stand it anymore, and offed herself.
  • The husband still did not notice. He had a hand mirror that he always kept in his pocket, of which his wife was unaware. It stayed that way until the day he saw her lifeless body hanging from the ceiling in the reflection of his mirror.
  • In his shock, he dropped his mirror, and it shattered on the ground. He desperately tried to piece it back together to no avail. From then on, he lived in regret, not for the death of his wife, but for losing his mirror, showing just how selfish he had become.
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