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Updated: 10/6/2021
Unknown Story

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  • Hi my name is tina Rerkpruditta but you can call me phumaw I am 13 years old I am fun ny I'm pretty I love sport Now i study at Ban nai soi School and I'm in tha 8 grade I live with family I live in ban nai soi village and it's about 2 kilometers from school I usually ride a motorcycle to school
  • for my weekday rontine i choose t talk adout tuesday I usually get up at around 6:00 after that I go to the bathroom to wash and brushteeth I hurry ever have breakfast next I go to school torcycle
  • At school I help friend clean in class I study the morning class at 8.30 for math lusually calculating speaking next, lstudy English i practing speaking lt's really excitind and lstudy social lt's fun with community
  • l have launch at noon
  • At 12:30 l start afternoon classes l studu thai l don't really like the makinh a booklet but it'sok atter that l study computes i usually makinggame lt's corsed then l study stem l have doing expeeriment lt's pretty borng
  • at 4:30 l get home at house i help mom do house work and cook then5.30 i take a shower for 15 minutes then i have dinner with my family during my free time around 8.30 to 90 o'clook i chat to friends on faeebook aftr that i go to bed