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Part 2
Updated: 4/16/2019
Part 2
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  • Jay treaty
  • Washington's farewell speech
  • development of political parties.
  • In the Jay Treaty Washington send a guy of the name John Jay to bring peace with britain. The british agreed to vacate the western forts. But the british banned any trading with france.
  • xyz affair
  • In his speech he talked about how our country should keep alliances with other foreign countries to keep trade.
  • alien sedition acts
  • There were 2 political parties made so that the voting process was easier and there was a 50/ 50 chance.
  • midnight appointments
  • john adams sent 3 men to keep peace with britain and 3 british souldiers met them and told them they had to pay money so they could meet with the kind.
  • it made becoming a legal citizen harder so hat there was less terroist attacks
  • The federalist lost control of both houses of congress and the democratic-republicans came in control
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