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Updated: 6/3/2020
storyboard 8

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  • hi Eliana ¿what do you think about the pandemic that we are living?
  • Hi Josh,Hmm. I don't know. I think things are very complicated, and most of all, because many people have lost their jobs due to this.
  • ohh yeah that is a true situation that affect a lot of families
  • Yesif also the uncertainty of the possible contagion at any time, the fallen economies
  • The world economies are close, our president is taking support measures in terms of health, economy and aid in general
  • Humm okay,If I had traveled, I would have been quarantined in Spain far from my family
  • they could have avoided contagion if they had closed borders earlier. Another And you would not have enjoyed your family if you had not become ill, you saved yourself from that trip
  • yes, thank God I was able to stay home
  • But you know that not everything is bad, I really liked spending more time with my family, I really enjoyed my children
  • Hmm, yes, you're right about that, the planet is also breathing a bit of the environmental damage that man generates
  • I have done a bit of everything the important thing is to learn from the good that this pandemic leaves us, the bad is better to forget it
  • Many companies and people have had to reinvent themselves and readjust; likewise we must all do it.
  • I must leave my family is waiting for me for dinner, we will talk later with more time
  • Yes, of course, you are very well and please take care of yourself and your family.
  • Mi conclusión es que tenemos que permanecer en nuestras casas cumpliendo con las medidas de bio-seguridad instauradas por el gobierno, esta pandemia la podemos superar con mucha paciencia y responsabilidad de todos sobre el caso