Updated: 1/7/2020
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  • Hey Lucas how was your day
  • It Was S***TY those people are beyond slow F***ing children
  • Where is he getting all this profanity from ?
  • Bro you are TRASH your a F***ing joke stop crying you little B****
  • Watch out lil B****, I'll rob you for yo $h*t keep a stick on my hip
  • Maybe it all this foul music he listens to I gotta tell his father when he gets home .
  • Our son has been cussing uncontrollably all day i don't know where he's getting it from
  • Hey honey im home , why do you look worried
  • He just a boy it's probably that loud music he listens to .
  • I walk around like that N**** ,Finger on the trigger if a N**** want some smoke make this choppa eat his liver BOOM
  • Ok.... We need to talk I think your Effecting Lucas your cursing to much
  • Everything f***ing goes god D@mn missing
  • Where tf is my S***
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