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Updated: 12/11/2019
Unknown Story
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  • Well at least now you know how bad it feels and you will stay away from drinking
  • "Wes was still in bed thinking about the days events"
  • Ughhhh!!
  • Wes. Get up. Let me talk to you for a moment.
  • I guess I never thought about it like that.
  • Wes this could ruin your life. Don't go down this road
  • Wes lay in bed feeling the after-effects of his drug and alcohol use. His head was pounding and just didn't feel well over all. His mother came waltzing in his room a toothy grin on her face. She found the entire situation quite funny and hoped that this would teach Wes how to behave in the future.
  • I guess you was right mama...
  • He didn't even realize his mother was standing there and had almost drifted off to sleep before she said something to him. After the initial humor at this situation Mary had begun to think of the ramifications drug use at this young an age could have on her son. She had come to the conclusion that it was time to have a conversation with Wes.
  • Im sorry.
  • Sorry isn't enough. Not this time.
  • Mary couldnt help but cry when she thought about her son becoming another statistic. She tried to explain to Wes how this path could effect him. Wes had never had anyone tell him that the things he was doing was wrong. He had never thought about how certain things would effect him in the long run and now he would take his future into consideration when he did things.
  • Despite his mothers warning that the path he was going down would ruin his life Wes continued to walk it. This soon caused him to get life in jail at a young age. For this Wes could blame no one but himself his mother warned him early on and he refused to listen.
  • Wes sat thinking of all the decisions he made despite his mothers warning.
  • Mary had always had a large capacity to forgive but this time she just couldn't. She couldnt even imagine not being able to touch her son. Yet here she was for the first and last time.
  • As she kneeled at her youngest child's casket Mary cried and cried. She regretted not being harder on him. She regretted not going to see him in prison more. She regretted allowing Wes to be in the sort of enviorment that fostered young criminals. She regretted everything.
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