Updated: 6/12/2020
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  • Macbeth is charged for the murder of King Duncan. For arranging the death of Banquo, and attempting to kill Fleance. Lastly, for arranging the death of Lady Macduff, and her son.
  • “Macbeth is not guilty, your honor”
  • This case is of utmost importance because it involves Kings. The jury needs to decide whether the previous King Macbeth should be guilty or not guilty.
  • Macbeth doesn’t deserve any justice. The man is deranged and blinded by power. A man capable of setting a mere child to be killed is no victim. Because of this man we’ve lost five people who have or would have influenced Scotland. Our most important victim was King Duncan. King Duncan showed him kindness, and even gave him the title “Thane of Cawdor”. To pay him back, Macbeth betrays his trust and kills him.
  • Give Macbeth a little sympathy. What many don’t know is that Macbeth and Banquo met others before meeting up with King Duncan. They were confronted by three witches who used their powers to control Macbeth. After they confronted them, Macbeth was no longer the same loyal warrior he was known as. The witches made Macbeth commit those heinous crimes. The witches made Macbeth lose his mind causing everything to occur the way it did.
  • I was with my father in a park. We were riding near the palace when we heard a noise following us. Once we stopped, we saw the outline of men charging at us. At first, we didn’t know what they were doing but, when they were in eye sight I knew what was coming. We quickly tried to escape however, they were too quick. They attacked my father, and before he passed he said “Macbeth is behind this”. He then tried telling me to run away but passed before he could say it completely. Macbeth was someone my father trusted and was loyal to and to show his appreciation he had him killed.
  • Many people have seen those same murderers with Macbeth in discussions.
  • What exactly did Banquo mean by Macbeth is behind this?
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