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The Rabbit
Updated: 9/17/2018
The Rabbit
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  • mother
  • Rusty as it is about your parents, of which you still have two.
  • dad
  • Rusty
  • The thing is, you'd probably never notice how weird your parents are if you didn't have neighbours or other people to compare them to. For instance, the Unruhs, who live next door and have a rabbit.
  • you
  • rabbit
  • Dr. Unruh
  • On weekend the Unruhs go away. They have asked your dad to keep an eye on their house.Three days. He can handle that.
  • Rusty,Rusty
  • Rusty has returned from the neighbours' yard. The Unruhs'. 
  • If this is what Rusty will do to a ribbit, what might Rusty will do to a small children? 
  • Is there a problem here?
  • Your dad puts Rusty in the car. Rusty thinks he's going for a car ride. He is. To the vet, who will do what your dad can't.
  • I am going for a car ride.
  • Meanwhile, your mother takes the dead rabbit into the kitchen. She washes it in the sink, then takes her hair drier and blow dries the dead rabbit's fur. She fluffs it up. It looks almost as good as new. It really does.
  • He was such a good dog. Stupid, but good.
  • kitchen .
  • Your hole family is silent.
  • Your dad takes the dead rabbit and puts it back into its cage. He gives it a carrot. It looks like the dead rabbit is eating the carrot.
  • Dr.Unruh says that someone dug up their pet and it back into its cage
  • The next day the Unruhs return.
  • Dug it up?
  • I didn't know. I didn't know.
  • ? who did?
  • Yes.It died last Thursday.
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