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English Novel Storyboard
Updated: 9/9/2020
English Novel Storyboard
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  • Exposition
  • Protagonist
  • The Tale of Despereaux
  • Antagonist
  • This book starts off with a mouse being born, he was the last mouse out of his family. He was born in a castle on May 25th, 1927. Despereaux's birth was very unusual: he had big ears and was very very small. A lot of people including his family members, always teased him about not looking like a normal mouse.
  • External Conflict
  • Why do you look like that
  • You are a disappointment
  • The main character is Despereaux Trilling, always felt left out of his family and he never had anyone to be with because they all made him go away since he was unusual. He always went to explore and try to find fun things to do since he was always alone. Despereaux was a mouse who wasn't born in a normal way: he had light brown fur and was very small. He was born with his eyes open and mice aren't supposed to be born in that way.
  • Rising Action
  • aaaAAAaaAaaaA rat!!!
  • The main antagonist is Botticelli Remorso because he is really rude and manipulative. Despereaux was captured by the guards who worked for his father and took him away since he was unusual. So Despereaux tried to escape by going down a sewer which led to the dungeon. There he met Botticelli who is the leader of the rat world. Botticelli hates Princess Pea and wants her to die so he leads Despereaux out of the dungeon just so Botticelli will be able to kill Princess Pea.
  • Climax
  • The main external conflict would be the issue between Despereaux and his family. One reason they had problems is because he was treated unfairly because of the way he looked and none of his family members ever made him feel good about it or at least help him. His family just didn't care and called him a disappointment. Despereaux always tried really hard to fit in because no one accepted the way he looked.
  • The rising action is that Despereaux isn't the only person who is in the dungeon. There is a rat named Roscuro who doesn't like Princess Pea. The reason Roscuro doesn't like Princess Pea is because he accidentally fell into the Queen's soup and killed the Queen after Princess Pea screamed about a rat being in the Castle. Roscuro was very angry because Princess Pea scared Roscuro and that's what made him fall into the Queen's soup and kill her, he got very annoyed so his remaining life he was planning for revenge.
  • The climax is when Despereaux saves Princess Pea from being killed by Roscuro the rat. But since Despereaux likes Princess Pea he threatens to kill Roscuro. Princess Pea promises to make everybody stay alive and live. Roscuro was very upset that Desperaux stopped him because he has been planning revenge since he accidentally scared the Queen to death.
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