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Unknown Story
Updated: 9/9/2020
Unknown Story
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  • Exposition
  • McKeyla
  • McKeyla McAlister
  • Amazon
  • Protagonist
  • Antagonist
  • The exposition to my book is that you meet the main character McKeyla McAlister. She is a secret agent and just moved to a new place. Her mom and McKeyla are both agents and her mom is the boss. She has an iPad named ADISN, she can talk and look up things with McKeyla's watch that unlocks it to her.
  • External Conflict
  • The main character of my story is McKeyla. There are a few more girls that are important characters but McKeyla is the main one. The girls are called Camryn, Bryden, Adrienne and Ember. All of the girls are really smart, they all have their specialties like Bryden can hack into almost any network. They always support and help each other. McKeyla always wants to be kind and doesn't want anybody to get hurt. She cherishes her friendships, cares about people and their feelings. McKeyla also likes to get missions right and when she doesn't, she gets mad at herself for what she could have done better.
  • Rising Action
  • The antagonist in the story is Bobby Stone. He is the antagonist in the story because he was dishonest to the girls. Bobby was also lying to his community about the water that he was producing. He used the girls to advertise his product while the girls were blind sighted and didn't know that Mr. Stone was not saying the truth.
  • Climax
  • The main external conflict of the story is that Bryden started to hangout with more well known people in their school. Camryn and her were best friends before they had met any of the other girls that they are friends with now. So when Bryden started hanging out with different people she got a little jealous and sad that it wasn't her and Bryden that were having all of the fun. She felt left out and betrayed by Bryden but eventually they resolved the problem.
  • The rising action of my story is when McKeyla and her friends meet Mr. Stone. He introduced himself, his business and told them they could also call him Bobby Stone. His business is called Stone Acres. What his business does is clean water and make it safe or safer for people to drink.
  • What I would consider the climax of the story is that Mr. Stone asked the girls to come over to a business party. He asked them to do some science experiments while advertising his water. Mr. Stone used all of the girls science and technology skills to help advertise his water. However the water that they were advertising was not Bobby Stone's product, it was the city's water.
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