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Updated: 6/12/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Why might a person migrate from one country to another
  • well I will try to explain some of the reasons why...
  • when someone wants to leave a country because of factors such as their family being in a different country these factors are called pull factors
  • however a factor such as the living conditions of where they currently are may be bad...this is referred to as a push factors
  • More reasons why they might be pushed away from a country are because there is no/few work opportunities or you do not make as much money as you should, a high tax rate, political reasons and environmental disadvantages such as flooding, famines, earthquakes or drought.
  • However there are also reasons to go to a country here are some of them: Better jobs, more job selection, your political opinion agrees with the other country, low taxes and natural disasters have a low chance of happening
  • now hopefully you understand why people emigrate I hope this helped.
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