Slow the Spread
Updated: 8/3/2020
Slow the Spread
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COVID-19; masks; asymptomatic carriers

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  • Get inside! Zombies!
  • People who look healthy can still spread the virus.
  • Zombies, Again
  • In movies, it's easy to tell who has been infected with a virus.
  • Whaa? A zombie bite? I'm toast.
  • Man, I was just getting into my character arc.
  • And it's easy to understand how the virus spreads.
  • Zombies, Again
  • In the real world, a person can be infected with a virus like COVID-19 and show no symptoms.
  • I feel fine!Just gonna grab a drink...
  • I infected Grandma and Grandpa?
  • COVID-19 can spread quickly through a community.
  • Masks can slow the spread of COVID-19 and can protect you from more severe illness should you get infected.
  • Hand washing is crucial. So is avoiding close contact with others.
  • 6 ft.
  • The virus affects people in different ways. Older adults and people with underlying medical conditions are most at-risk of getting severely ill or dying. 
  • Let's fix that...
  • This mask will go better with my mummy outfit.
  • Take 2 VLC 2020
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