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The theft of Thor's hammer 1
Updated: 5/21/2020
The theft of Thor's hammer 1
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  • Where's Mjollnir, my hammer? Nobody should take it away from me. Loki! Where are you?
  • Thor, what's the matter with you! Calm down and talk to me.
  • Someone stole Mjollnir! It's not here. Have you seen it?
  • OK, we're going to solve this. Let's go talk to Freyja, she'll know what to do. 
  • Of course Loki. Here, take it.
  • Freyja, Thor's hammer is gone. I need to borrow your falcon-feathered cloack. I'm sure the giants took Mjollnir.
  • In the Hall of Giants, Jotunheim
  • Hey, Thrym. I know you've got Thor's hammer. Give it back to me, now!
  • Oh, no. It's not that easy. I'll return it when Freyja agrees to marry me.
  • Back in Asgard
  • Stop right there, Loki. As you can see, all the gods are here. I hope you bring good news and not another of your mischieves. What did you discover in Jotunheim?
  • Trust me brother, I bring news. The Frost Giant Thrym has Mjollnir. He said that he's only going to return it if Freyja becomes his wife.
  • I'm not gonna marry a Frost Giant! The other gods would think of me as a disloyal wife to Odr. I can't do that.
  • Thor is the answer to this problem. He needs to dress up as Freyja and take back Mjollnir.
  • The wise Heimdall is here. He must help us.
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