kill order
Updated: 2/7/2020
kill order

Storyboard Text

  • Thirteen years before the other books the sun flares hit the earth destroying everything, and leaving few people alive.
  • Mark and Trina search to find a cure to the flare disease because they are determined there is a way to save those who have been infected.
  • They find a little girl named Deedee who has been abandoned by her town and is apparently somehow immune to the VC321xb47 virus. So they decide to take her with them.
  • While Mark and his friend Alec are trying to find a way out on a ship they see Trina And Deedee being dragged by the infected into the town.
  • After getting Deedee to a safe place and getting Trina back on the berg, they fight off the Cranks and get ready to leave this stupid place.
  • Soon after leaving Deedee to safety and trying to escape sadly Trina, Mark, and Alec Crash the Berg and die.