Alder Hey Spend Wisely

Alder  Hey Spend Wisely

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  • Do you know how we're measured on money?
  • [YAWN] No, please do tell me. I can't think of anything I'd rather do right now.
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  • So the NHS sets something called a control total.
  • Its dead simple: its the money we bring into the trust, less what we spend.
  • NHSI Control Total
  • Sounds like complicated finance speak; what is it?
  • Income £250 million less Expenses £245.6 million equals Suprlus £4.4 million
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  • Becayse the NHS wants us to hit our control total, they offer us incentives, So if we deliver our control total, we get to spend the surplus cash on capital.
  • So what is capital?
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  • Each year we spend a lot of cash on facilities, buildings, equipment and IT. In 18/19 Alder Hey will be spending £20 million on Capital.
  • YES!!
  • WOW! So let me get this straight, any surplus is cash to spend on capital?
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  • The NHS have just introduced a bonus scheme for trusts who can do better than the control total.
  • So I see, making a surplus is good for Alder Hey as we spend more on kit such as a ventilator or an anaesthetic machine.
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  • Alder Hey has identified some areas to over-achieve the control total. Alder Hey has therefore indicated they might be able to overachieve and access a bonus.
  • That sounds amazing. What are we going to spend it on?
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  • We want to invest in new facilities including a new neo-natal unit.
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  • And a brand new unit with 12 Tier 4 mental health beds on site.
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  • If we dont meet our control total none of this will be possible!
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