Story Cube Template

Updated: 9/8/2021
Story Cube Template
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Completed Example of a Story Cube

Story Cube Templates

Create custom story cubes! They can be cut out and taped or glued together for inspiration, ice breakers, and more.
Icebreaker Activities

Ice Breakers: Classroom Team Building Activities

By Patrick Healey

Make this year more effective by enhancing students' comfort level in your class. Health education covers various topics that, to most, may be a difficult topic to talk about. Personally, this is the reason I enjoy this subject so much. It’s the teacher’s role to create a classroom environment to invoke and support discussion of difficult topics. Comfort and safety is not only important for students to feel around their peers, but to feel with their teacher as well. A health education teacher is a potential resource for students, providing comfort for any students reaching out. Students may challenge themselves in your classroom if they feel it's a safe place.
Introduction to Social Stories

Back to School Activities with Storyboard That

By Anna Warfield

Good grief! Can you believe it is BTS time already? The summer always flies by, but don't worry: the team of teachers at Storyboard That has come up with some great ideas to get storyboarding with your students right away.

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Story Cube Template | Make your own story cubes for creative writing, history, and more.

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