Moon phases project
Updated: 3/8/2021
Moon phases project

Storyboard Text

  • Right now the phase of the Moon would be a waning crescent which is just a little closer to the Sun then the last quarter
  • Now that we have almost finished the full half of the Moon cycle the other side is just the same but the opposite of a different phase!
  • Now this is the new moon phase, it is exactly right between the Sun and Moon and as we learned in class about shadows, the new moon is not seen on Earth because it is blocking off the light from the Sun.
  • This phase is also considered the beginning of the lunar cycle.
  • That's so interesting!
  • This phase is now the waxing crescent phase, this phase is just like the waning crescent because it is the same distance away from the Sun but it in a different position from Earth.
  • Now this phase is known as the first quarter which was just like the last quarter mentioned but just on the other side of Earth! The phases are called in quarters because there are eight phases in total and the two quarters are right in the middle!
  • We are now on the last phase before we repeat our phase from the beginning of the field trip. This phase is called the waxing gibbous. Now lets get back to school!
  • *This was not an offence to the other class(s)
  • Here is the graph:
  • Good job class! Here is a graph for a visual of the Moon phases and the placement of the Sun and Earth. try to fill it out best!
  • *I wish my class was as cool as yours