Men and Gods Storyboard
Updated: 3/23/2020
Men and Gods Storyboard

Storyboard Text

  • Father, I beg of you, the golden chariot.
  • Are you sure my son? You're asking for the awesome power of gods! You're not mature or knowledgeable enough to handle this.
  • Please Father? The golden chariot is what I want.
  • Okay then son, as you wish.
  • Wooow! This is amazing. Can't wait to get on
  • Phaethon, you must follow the path as I have described. Danger awaits you!
  • These horses are lightening! Now I'm like master of the universe!
  • Woohoo! This is better than I expected!
  • Aaaah! I can't control this! Oh father I should have listened to you!
  • Neptune, God of Water, help us!
  • Help us!
  • Pheobus and all gods of the universe, come forth and see what must be done!
  • Oh no! I don't want to die! What destruction have I caused?
  • I should've listened to my father!!
  • Phoebus, my father, God of Light, please save me!!!!!
  • Phaethon rode the sun and here he died.
  • Zachary Harrison (7-4)