Twelfth Night Comic By: Zahra Ali Jaffer, 10G2

Twelfth Night Comic  By: Zahra Ali Jaffer, 10G2

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  • Twelfth Night By: William ShakespeareAct I, Scene I By: Zahra Ali Jaffer, 10G2
  • If music is the food of love, play on! Give me the excess of it
  • If it’s true that music makes people more in love, keep playing. Give me too much of it, so I’ll get sick of it and stop loving. Play that part again! It sounded sad. Oh, it sounded like a sweet breeze blowing gently over a bank of violets, taking their scent with it. That’s enough. Stop. It doesn’t sound as sweet as it did before. Oh, love is so restless!
  • Will you go hunt, my lord?
  • Why, so I do, the noblest that I have. Oh, when my eyes did see Olivia first, I thought she purged the air of pestilence.
  • How now! What is the news from her?
  • I’m sorry, but they wouldn’t let me in. But I got the following answer from her handmaid. Olivia’s not t going to show her face for the next seven years—not even to the sky itself. She’s doing this out of love for her dead brother, whom she wants to keep fresh in her memory forever.
  • Oh, if she loves her brother this much, think how she’ll love me when I finally win her over and make her forget all her other attachments! Her mind and heart will be ruled by one man alone—me! Take me to the garden. I need a beautiful place to sit and think about love.
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