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  • Enter Othello and Emilia
  • So, you haven't seen them fooling around?
  • If God had decided to make me sick and covered with sores, putting me into poverty, selling me into slavery, and destroying all my hopes, I would have found some way to accept it with patience. But instead God made me to strangle with my dishonest wife. My wife, who is supposed be like the source of my children and all my descendants, has betrayed me! She’s polluted herself, to a point that the source is a place that reproduce villainous.
  • But you’ve seen them together.
  • No, I have never heard of it, and I never did suspect their relationship.
  • Not even to get her a glove or her mask or anything?
  • Well, that"s really strange.
  • Yes, I have seen them together but it was no big deal, I have heard every word of their conversation.
  • They've never whispered or asked you to leave the room?
  • Tell her to come here.
  • I’d swear to you on my soul that she is an honest person, my lord.  Stop suspecting  that right now because you’re wrong. If any jerk has told you that she is not honest, I hope God curses him. If she is not honest, faithful, and true, then there is no such thing as a faithful wife or a happy husband.
  • No, never my lord.
  • You are like the summer flies at a slaughterhouse, that is having babies with each wind blow, You’re like a weed pretending to be a flower, so beautiful and sweet-smelling that hurt me that I look at you. Oh, I wish you’d never been born!
  • Exits Emilia
  • She said all the nice things, but the dumbest person would tell the same thing. Desdemona is a tricky whore with a closet full of villainous secrets, eventually, she’ll kneel and pray to me.
  • Enter Desdemona and Emilia
  • Enters Emilia
  • Let me see your eyes.
  • Go and do your work, Emilia
  • Please, dear, come here.
  • What do you want my lord? What can I do for you?
  • What horrible thing are you imagining?
  • Exits Emilia
  • Exits Emilia
  • Go ahead, swear to that, you surely will be punished by God for lying. Otherwise the devils will mistake you for an angel and be too scared to grab you. Go ahead, swear to God to show you are faithful to me.
  • Why? Who are you?
  • I’m your wife, your true and loyal wife.
  • I’m begging you on my knees, what nonsense are you talking about saying? I can tell you’re furious, but I don’t understand what you’re saying!
  • Enters Emilia and Iago
  • Heaven knows that you are fake as hell.
  • Get out, Desdemona, go away! 
  • Oh, what a sorrowful day, why are you weeping? Am I the cause of your sorrow? If it is because of my father is calling you back to Venice, do not blame me on that!  You may have lost his respect, but so have I.
  • Heaven knows I am.
  • To who, my lord, and with who did I lie to?
  • I deeply hope you will trust my faith.
  • Heaven knows that you are wrong about me.
  • What unknown crime have I committed? 
  • Was someone as beautiful as you meant to be a whore? What have you done? What have you done? Oh, you prostitute If I said out loud what you’ve done, you will burn up with shame. What have you done? Heaven has to hold its nose when it sees you!  Even the wind that blows over everything on earth is ashamed to visit you. You whore!
  • No, I am a honest Christian, if I only allow my husband to touch my body can prove that I am not a whore, so I am not a whore.
  • Oh, haven please help me.
  • I beg your pardon then. I must have the wrong woman. I mistook you for that sly Venetian woman who married Othello, not you, you whorehouse-keeper.
  • Oh, is that true?
  • You think you are not whore?
  • I am to scared to inform you that what has happened.
  • What is this man imaging? How are you, my lady?
  • Hey you! We are done with our business here, here is some money, and just please lock the door and reveal nothing of this.
  • My good lady, what happened with my lord?
  • Exits Othello
  • I don’t have a husband. Don’t talk to me, Emilia. I can’t even cry, tears are the only answers to the questions. Put my wedding sheets on my bed tonight, and tell your husband to come.
  • Exits Desdemona and Emilia
  • Who is your lord?
  • It’s fair for him to treat me like this, very fair. What have I ever done? Why is he treating me like this?
  • With who?
  • Why, with my lord, my lady?
  • He is your husband, my sweet lady.
  • Enter Roderigo
  • I can't tell, just like when adults teach little children, they do it gently and easily. He might have treated me like that, like a cheating little child.
  • What can I do for you, my lady, what's the matter?
  • Oh, Iago, my lord has talked to my lady as if she were a whore in such angry and distressing words that good people can't even stand.
  • Am I that name, Iago?
  • The name that my lord said I was.
  • What name, my lady?
  • Oh! Why did he do that?
  • He called her a whore, a beggar couldn’t have called his slut worse names.
  • Don't cry, don't cry, ah, what a day!
  • Curse him! Why did he think like that?
  • Heaven knows.
  • Maybe it is because my bad fortune.
  • It’s not okay! I will inform Desdemona about everything. If she returns my jewels, I will keep my love for her only to myself, and apologize to her. If not, I will pick a fight with you.
  • Did she give up all those chances to marry noblemen, give up her father and country and friends, just to be called a whore? Doesn’t that make you want to cry?
  • I bet my life some evil busybody, some meddling, lying jerk made up this rumor to get some position. I bet my life on it.
  • Very well then, I see you want to speak up this time. From this moment on, I will have a higher expectation for you. You false opinion on me is totally understandable, but it is unfair, I have helped with my true honest heart.
  • You are being silly, shut up.
  • There is no such evil person, it's impossible!
  • Keep your voice down.
  • If there is such person, heaven please forgive him.
  • A hangman’s noose will help him! Let hell chew him up! Why should he call her a whore? Who’s been with her? She didn't even have the time and the place to sleep with anyone? The Moor is being tricked by some crook, some terrible villain, some rotten bastard.
  • Oh, tell those bastards to go to hell! I think this is the same evil person who fooled you by making you suspect I’d cheated on you with the Moor.
  • Please calm down. He’s just in a bad mood. Political business is bothering him, it was just his anger talk.
  • It is true, trust me.
  • Oh, Iago, what can I do to win my husband back again? Please go to him, my dear friend. I swear I have no idea why he stopped loving me. Here I’m kneeling to make a statement that I have never done anything to destroy his love for me, neither my thoughts or actions nor if I ever took pleasure in anyone else. 
  •  I hope that is true.
  • The trumpet is calling us to the dinner, don't cry now, just go to the dinner, the Venetians are waiting.
  • Do you want to do yourself a favor? He’s having dinner tonight with a prostitute, and I’ll go visit him. He doesn’t know he’s been appointed governor yet. I will arrange to happen around by 12 p.m. When you see him walking by here you can stab him, and I will be near you to help you. Come on, don't be astonished. Come along with me. I will give you such reasons for killing him that you will feel obliged to kill him. It’s nearly dinner time, and the night’s going to be wasted. Let’s go!
  • You have done me wrong.
  • How are you, Roderigo?
  • What? Why? 
  • Will you hear me, Roderigo?
  • Every day you distract me with some tricks, you did not offer any useful advice, you just use me for your own purpose, I will not take it anymore!
  • I have listened to you for some many times, and I don't want to believe in you again.
  • I don't think you have treated me fairly.
  • Okay then.
  • Fine!
  • I am not fine at all, I finally realized that you have been using me this whole time! 
  • It’s the truth. I don't have any money now. The jewels you took from me to deliver to Desdemona would’ve made even a nun want to sleep with me. You promised me that Desdemona will give me something in return, but that thing never came.
  • Well, remember what you said.
  • I will go and do everything I just said!
  • Sir, Venice has declared that Cassio is now the governor of Cyprus.  
  • I know it doesn't seem like it, but I think you are smart to point it out, the plan takes time, I promise you if you are not having sex with Desdemona tomorrow night, feel free to stab me with a knife.
  • It doesn't seem like it.
  • No way, then Othello will bring Desdemona back to Venice?
  • Well, what's your plan? 
  • Oh no, he will go to Mauritania and take Desdemona with him, unless he can be stuck here by some accident, and to remove Cassio can definitely keep Othello stranded.
  • Why, so that Cassio can't take Othello's position. All you need to do is to knock Cassio's brain out1
  • What do you want me to do?
  • What do you mean by removing Cassio?
  • I will need a further explanation for this.
  • Oh, you shall see, and I will tell you all the things you want to hear.
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