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Deep Dive is a method where an individual or team conducts an intense, in-depth analysis of a certain problem or subject.

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The Deep Dive technique can be used by a single person or a group in order to brainstorm, problem-solve, or engage in idea creation. When someone performs a deep dive on a certain problem, they conduct an extensive and thorough investigation into that problem. The deep diver will be certain to explore how the problem originated, what effects the problem is having on its environment, possible solutions for the problem, and how the possible solutions will further affect the problem’s environment. A deep dive is conducted after a short analysis has proved that there is need for further investigation. There are three main reasons to deep dive:

  1. Deep Dive to explore a problem – when a business has a problem, a deep dive may be conducted to investigate the issue and to mitigate its negative effects in an efficient and cost-effective manner. Deep diving allows the business to be sure of their solution so they can operate in the most risk-adverse way possible.

  2. Deep Dive to explore a situation – when a business needs to explore a new situation, environment, or market they can conduct a deep dive to learn how that situation currently operates, and what role their business can play in the situation.

  3. Deep Dive to explore an idea – when brainstorming ideas, a team can deep dive on a particular idea that they have interest in acting upon. Deep diving on an idea consists of mapping out how the idea will come to life, the costs and setbacks associated with the idea, and the positive impact the idea will have on the company once it is completed.
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