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Touchpoints are means of communication between the business and the consumer. They can flow either way: business → customer or customer → business.

A touchpoint is simply a way for either a business representative to contact their customers, or for the customers to reach the business. These generally appear in the form of pop ups on web pages, help chat boxes, or emails. It is equally important to for both sides to be able to make contact with each other, which is further explained here:

  1. Business → Customer: A business should constantly be having touchpoints with their customers. Touchpoints allow the customer to be further informed about the business’ product and keeps the company’s name on the top of their mind. Generally, these touchpoints will come in as periodic emails, or calls asking how the customer has been enjoying the product and seeing if they need anything else. These can make the customer feel cared for, and can greatly improve retention. Be careful though, overuse of touchpoints can lead to diminishing returns.

  2. Customer → Business: When a customer has a question or is having an issue with the product, the last thing you want is to make it hard for them to be able to contact you. This will lead to frustration and resentment of your product, greatly decreasing your chances of retaining the customer. Increasing your customer → business touchpoints via help chats, pop ups, or accessible contact information allows the business to feel like they are providing a more personal service to the customer. It also reassures the customer that should they ever have an issue with your product, help will be easy to come by.
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