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The Story of Galileo & his discoveries and inventions. Comic about Galileo Galilei

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  • From my observations, it appears that the Earth is at the center of the universe.
  • The Earth isn't at the center of the universe! I think the Sun is!
  • Aristotle was a Greek philosopher and scientist who wrote about how he thought the universe was organized.
  • He placed the Earth at the center of the universe and thought that stars, planets, and moons orbit it. This is known as the geocentric model.
  • Nicolaus Copernicus hypothesized that the Sun was at the center of the universe.
  • Galileo was an early pioneer of the telescope that allowed us to see further into space and see things in more detail.
  • Galileo used this telescope to observe many things in the night sky, such as the Moon and Jupiter.
  • When Galileo looked at Jupiter, he saw three things that he thought were stars near Jupiter. We now know these weren't stars, they were moons.
  • Galileo's discovery leads to a less-than-Godly design of the universe. His ideas are against the church and he must be arrested!
  • When he looked again, he noticed that the moons were not in the same place. They appeared to be orbiting Jupiter.
  • He concluded if the moons were orbiting Jupiter, then the geocentric model could not be correct.
  • The Catholic Church did not like what Galileo had discovered, as it disagreed with the belief that the Earth should be at the center of the universe.
  • Galileo was arrested for heresy. His discoveries didn't agree with what the powerful Catholic Church had established.
  • Galileo was arrested and put in jail. He was moved and put under house arrest and remained there until he died.
  • Galileo's observations ultimately changed the way we understand the universe. The heliocentric model is now the currently accepted model.

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