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Cinderin ja Ella Enchantedin Vertailu

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Cinderin ja Ella Enchantedin Vertailu
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Pyydä oppilaita vertailemaan ja vertailemaan erilaisia Cinderella-toistoja. Tämä esimerkki sisältää Cinderella, Cinder ja Ella Enchanted.

Kuvakäsikirjoitus Teksti

  • Characters
  • Cinderella is the main character in the original fairy tale, along with Prince Charming, Fairy Godmother, and Cinderella's evil step-mother and step-sisters.
  • Cinder is the main character. Prince Kai, Queen Levana, Dr. Erland, Adri, Peony, and Pearl are also important characters in the story.
  • You cannot marry Queen Levana, Kai!
  • Ella is the main character. Char, Mandy, Lucinda, Dame Olga, Hattie, and Olive are also a big part of the story.
  • Hop on one foot until I tell you to stop.
  • Main Conflict
  • Cinderella is forced to live with her wicked step-mother and step-sisters after her beloved father dies. When the kingdom announces that there will be a ball for all eligible maidens in order to find a princess for the prince, Cinderella has the help of her fairy godmother to make the prince fall in love with her before midnight.
  • Cinder is a cyborg living with her evil step-mother and step-sisters. When a deadly virus spreads, it kills thousands, including her step-sister and the emperor. When Prince Kai, who will soon become the new emperor, decides he will marry the evil Lunar Queen Levena, Cinder must do everything in her power to stop him.
  • Ella is cursed with obedience and must do whatever is asked of her. When her father leaves her behind with her evil stepmother and stepsisters, Ella is treated as a maid and ridiculed, all the while falling more and more in love with Prince Char through their letters. Ella must find a way to break the curse so that she can live her life.
  • Sidekick(s)
  • Cinderella's buddies are her mice friends, led by the ever faithful Gus and Jaques.
  • Cinder's faithful sidekick is her android, Iko.
  • Ella has a parrot named Chock.
  • The Ball
  • Cinderella's fairy godmother uses magic to create a beautiful gown for her, along with a pumpkin carriage and dainty glass slippers.
  • To get to the ball, Cinder takes an old gasoline car that she found at the junkyard. She wears Pearl's dirty, wrinkly dress, and clunky boots to cover her metal left foot.
  • The night of the first ball is icy and rainy. So she doesn't get wet, Mandy uses her magic to create a beautiful coach with horses, a coachman, and a footman.
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