Activity Overview

An alternative activity to the “Parts of a Cell” labeling poster would be for students to simply label each type of cell separately. In this activity, students will create a spider map identifying and describing the structure of animal cells. The colorable animal cell in the Storyboard Creator will allow students to easily highlight each part of the cell.

Cell Membrane Controls what moves in and out of the cell
Cytoplasm Where the majority of the activities take place
Mitochondria Where the majority of respiration takes place
Nucleus Contains DNA and controls the functions of the cell
Ribosome Where protein synthesis occurs

Template and Class Instructions

(These instructions are completely customizable. After clicking "Use This Assignment With My Students", update the instructions on the Edit Tab of the assignment.)

Student Instructions

Create a spider map to identify and describe the different parts of the animal cell.

  1. Click "Start Assignment".
  2. In Science, go to the “anatomy” section. Find the illustration of the animal cell.
  3. Identify the different parts of the animal cell and type them into the title boxes.
  4. Each cell should have one part of the diagram colored a different color than the rest, matching the title box.
  5. Write the function of the of the part of the animal cell below the illustration.
  6. Save often!

Lesson Plan Reference

Grade Level 6-8

Difficulty Level 3 (Developing to Mastery)

Type of Assignment Individual or Group


(You can also create your own on Quick Rubric.)

Labeled diagram
Label the diagram giving the functions of each part.
Proficient Emerging Beginning
All the labels are correct.
Most of the labels are correct.
Some of the labels are correct.
All the functions are correct with no grammar or spelling mistakes.
Most of the functions are correct with some grammar and spelling mistakes.
Some of the functions are correct with many grammar and spelling mistakes.
Evidence of Effort
Work is well written and carefully thought out.
Work shows some evidence of effort.
Work shows little evidence of any effort.

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