Activity Overview

The Menthos and Coke experiment is still one of the most common and fun experiments to do with students when studying chemical reactions. There are two ways you can approach this experiment as the teacher. Because students might already be familiar with the result of the reaction, you can introduce them to the control, Menthos and Coke, and explain the reaction that is occurring. Then, students can choose to add or change variables to see if the results are the same, or if a different reaction occurs. Or students can perform both the control and variant experiments. Both ways will allow students to compare and contrast their results.

This worksheet will help guide students through the scientific method and creating predictions and conclusions based on their observations.

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Materials Needed

  • This Worksheet
  • Diet Coke
  • Menthos mints
  • Any sodas or candies for the variables
  • A space outdoors to do the experiment

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