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A great way to introduce your students to knights and the feudal system is for them to create a coat of arms for themselves, or for Don Quixote. Some questions to help create a coat of arms are listed below.

  1. In the top left panel, add an animal that represents you or your strengths. Be sure to give it a label.
  2. In the top right panel, depict yourself doing something you love. Also label this with a matching textable.
  3. In the middle cells, show your future self-doing a job that you think you’d like to do. Then show something that is of importance to you. Label both of these cells, too.
  4. In the bottom left cell, find a symbol that shows something you love or something that makes you feel good.
  5. In the bottom right cell, add a textbox and write “My Motto:” followed by something that you think represents who you are and how you think people should act.

    The first five cells can be related, as in the example, but they don’t have to be. If you have many interests, that is fine.

    Finally, add a scroll from the textables and, in bold letters, write out your last name.

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