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Activity Overview

The president plays a major role in the U.S. government as leader of the country. The decisions a president makes affects the whole country and the people of the country.

Presidents should set an example for themselves. It is important the president demonstrates being a good role model and an effective leader. Some past presidents have made many good and bad decisions, which had different effects on the country.

For this activity, students will research a past president and understand that a President’s action and their consequences affect the country. The students will gather pertinent factual information through secondary sources and create a T Chart with two rows for one president.


George Washington was responsible for the creation of the nation’s important institutions, including government finance, public credit, federal taxation, currency and banking. By doing this, the US developed a strong economy.

Students may orally present their storyboards to the class. Engage in a discussion on the actions of a president and ask how things might have changed history if that action had not been not taken. In the student’s point of view, did the president do the right thing?

Template and Class Instructions

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Due Date:

Objective: Create a T Chart that describes two decisions a past president made during their time in office as president.

Student Instructions:

  1. Read about a past president and identify two major decisions.
  2. Illustrate and describe the decisions on the left side.
  3. Illustrate and describe the effects of those decisions on the country on the right side.


Lesson Plan Reference

Common Core Standards
  • [ELA-Literacy/W/4/7] Conduct short research projects that build knowledge through investigation of different aspects of a topic.
  • [ELA-Literacy/W/4/9] Draw evidence from literary or informational texts to support analysis, reflection, and research.


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