Activity Overview

The president has a major role in the job as President. They are the Head of State, Head of Government, and Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces. They are responsible for executing and enforcing the laws of the Constitution. Probably the most important of all of these jobs, is Commander of the armed forces. The President has the responsibility of directing the military. This is crucial in the time of possible war.

Students will write a narrative titled, “If I Want to be President.” Narrative writing describes an experience, event or a sequence of the events in the form of a story. It can be imaginative or real. The narrative will explain what they will do to make for our country to be a better place, and why. It will also explain the process they will go through to achieve their dream.

Review Article 2 of the Constitution with students, which outlines the powers of a president. This activity works well for an election year, or for President’s Day. Students write and then they can have fun orally sharing ideas. They can discuss recent issues in the news that they may feel strongly about. Examples: racism, the environment, immigration, taxation, healthcare, education, terrorism, etc.

Use Storyboard That as a brainstorming tool or as an alternative to a written essay. Students can focus on the 5 Ws: Who, What, Where, When, and Why to help them brainstorm or format their storyboard.

Template and Class Instructions

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Due Date:

Objective: Create a storyboard that shows 5 W questions and answers if you were to become the president.

Student Instructions:

  1. Think of appropriate questions for Who, What, Where, When, and Why. (For example, WHY do you want to be president?)
  2. Illustrate and describe each answer.


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