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As students embark on learning Spanish words and Spanish phrases, they will need specific tools to understand the teacher, especially regarding common classroom commands and questions. The chart below includes many of the more common expressions that a teacher will use regularly. The list can easily be tailored to accommodate for specific classrooms and situations. The following storyboard activity requires the student to think about what these expressions mean, and the situations in which they might be used.

Have students create a storyboard with individual cells portraying a need that targets one of the common classroom expressions. Students will then associate and write the correct expression for the created scenes. Assuming these expressions are part of a student’s initial exposure to Spanish, other vocabulary in the model is limited. However, if students are more advanced, they can include more dialogue or narrative.

Classroom Expressions — Teacher
Siéntense OR Siéntate Sit down
Levanten OR Levanta la mano Raise your hand
Saquen OR Saca
(la tarea, un lápiz, el libro, etc.)
Take out
(your homework, a pencil, the book, etc.)
Un voluntario para A volunteer to…
Trata Try
¿Listos? Ready?
Cierren OR Cierra
(la puerta, la ventana, los libros)
(the door, the window, your books)
Abran OR Abre
(la puerta, la ventana, los libros)
(the door, the window, your books)

Template and Class Instructions

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Lesson Plan Reference

Grade Level 6-12

Difficulty Level 1 (Introducing / Reinforcing)

Type of Assignment Individual

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