Spanish Direct and Indirect Object Pronouns Lesson Plans

Direct objects and direct object pronouns can be difficult to grasp in English, never mind Spanish! The following three storyboard activities can be used as models for students to create their own. The activities are designed to progress in difficulty and student independence as the student advances his or her own understanding of direct object pronouns. The first storyboard focuses on correctly identifying direct objects, the second on using direct object pronouns in Spanish, and the third upon using direct object pronouns within a broader context. Each activity can be adapted to the skill level of students. Students must first know the basic information below.

me = me
nos = us
te = you
os = you (pl)
lo, la = it
los, las = them

Direct object pronouns go before conjugated verbs in Spanish, unless there is an infinitive or present participle, in which case they can be attached to these instead. When used with positive commands, direct object pronouns must be attached to the command.

Student Activities for Spanish Direct Object Pronouns

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