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After students have carefully practiced identifying direct objects and replacing them with pronouns, it is important for them to begin using them in more complex scenarios. In the following storyboard activity, have students create a scene with various characters, actions, and objects. Students must then write a descriptive paragraph for their scene. Instruct students to include at least five direct object pronouns that clearly refer to something in the scene. The paragraph should have some continuity of story.

Depending on the ability and independence of your students, the storyboard activity may be done individually or in small, collaborative groups. This activity can be easily adjusted to include other verb tenses besides simple present and direct object pronouns with infinitives, present progressive, and commands. For further advancement, push students to add details to their narrative.


¿Dónde está el bastón del abuelo? Diego lo tiene porque es maleducado y lo robó. No es el mejor día para el abuelo. Él habla con Ricardo pero Ricardo no presta atención. Él duerme. El abuelo habla del pájaro. El pájaro tiene un serpiente en sus garras y lo lleva a su nido. Mientras tanto, Lucía vende unas limonadas. Las pone en su mesa y las vende a una familia que está en el parque. Al lado de la familia comprando limonadas hay unos amigos con una pizza. La deben comer rápidamente porque hay muchas ardillas hambrientas muy cerca.

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