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Similar to mastering the process of replacing direct object pronouns or indirect object pronouns in isolation, it’s important for students to practice replacing or using both together. As students consider having both direct and indirect object pronouns in the same clause, they realize the complexity of the topic and the careful attention it requires. Through intentional, repeated practice, students will master the concept and be able to work more quickly. Initially, it is important to work step by step:

  1. Identify the direct object
  2. Identify the indirect object
  3. Determine which pronoun is appropriate for replacing the direct object
  4. Determine which pronoun is appropriate for replacing the indirect object
  5. Re-organize the sentence so that both pronouns are before the conjugated verb and the indirect object pronoun is before the direct object pronoun
  6. Determine if there is a participle or infinitive present and thus if there is a second way to write the sentence. If so, write the sentence a second time, keeping the indirect before the direct and attaching both to the participle or infinitive.
  7. If the two pronouns both start with “L”, change the indirect object pronoun to “se”.

Have students target and write different types of original sentences: ones with simple verbs, ones with participles, ones with infinitives, and if they are advanced enough, ones with commands. Keep in mind that Step #5 will be a little different for sentences with commands. Students can label the columns for their intended sentences and then go through each step methodically as modeled in this storyboard. Ensure that students clearly demonstrate each step.

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