Activity Overview

This storyboard activity assumes that students have already learned months of the year, weather expressions, and the seasons. It also assumes students have learned the present tense conjugations of -er, -ar, and -ir verbs, as well as how to conjugate the verbs ir and jugar. The following activity provides opportunities for students to synthesize the targeted material.

Have students brainstorm a list of 8-12 pastimes. Instruct them to create a question with each, varying the subject, but always asking when the subject engages in the pastime. For each cell, have students incorporate imagery related to the pastime, label it with the appropriate season, and then include the question and response. The student must answer the posed question taking into account how it is asked and thus how it should be answered. Each time students should include the month, weather, and the appropriate pastime in a complete sentence.

As a paired activity, students can alternate being Student A and Student B. Student A states the season in a complete sentence and asks the question about pastimes. Student B must answer with the required material and in a complete sentence. Both students should write the given response.

Template and Class Instructions

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