The Benefit of Personas

Creating user personas is the perfect way to take a in depth look at potential customers and how your product fits their needs. You'll often have more than one, so it's helpful to introduce both your product development and marketing team to each profile. Who are they? What need are they looking to fill or what problem do they have? How does your product fit or exceed that need? The following resources will help guide you through creating personas, give you tips and tricks, and access to a wide variety of templates and visual aids.

Bring Personas to Your Office
Create a User Persona
Create a User Persona
Johari Window
Customer Journey Mapping
Customer Journey Maps
How to Use Personas
Use Personas in Business
Part 3: Personas for Product Development
User Personas
Persona Infographics
Persona Infographic Templates
What is a User Persona
What is....
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