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A user or buyer persona is a fictitious prototypical replica of one of your customer subsets. Products often have drastically different types of users or consumers, and a persona is a way of categorizing each type of buyer into a single entity. A user persona has typical motivations, struggles, and goals all related to your product or service.


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3 Tips for Creating a Persona Infographic

  1. Don't Be Too General

    Most products or services don't cater to just one type of user. Often they have 3 to 5 key buyer personas, so when you're creating and segmenting out your user types, remember not to be too general, and lump drastically different users into the same bucket.
  2. Don't Be Too Specific

    On the other side of the spectrum, don't be too specific either. Do a deep dive on your customers' goals and motivations for using your product and boil them down to their most simple form. By doing this, you'll realize that two users who you may have thought needed totally different marketing tactics actually fit under the same persona.
  3. Alliterate

    Lastly, give your personas alliterative names like Sales Sam, Marketing Mary, or Developer Dave. This may seem like it's pointless or just for fun, but it's actually important. Giving your key user personas alliterative names makes them easier to remember, and before you know it, they'll be stuck in all of your employees' heads. This will guide them to make more customer centric decisions based on specific persona types.

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