4 Ways to Create an Office Poster

Keeping your office fun and light-hearted is essential for ensuring that your employees are happy and productive. A quick, easy, and cheap way to brighten up the mood of your office is to fill your office with different types of posters. Whether they are funny, motivational, or just aesthetically pleasing, posters are a great way to elicit a certain mood or feel in your office. Instead of buying boring old pre-created posters, use these four templates to create your own office poster today!

  1. Motivational – Create a poster that motivates and empowers employees. Choose one motivational word and define it on your posters alongside with a powerful image. These should be uplifting and simple.
  2. Demotivational – If you’re trying to add some humor into your office, it’s a great idea to throw some sarcastic demotivational posters up on the wall. For example: “Mistakes – it could be that the purpose of your life is only to serve as a warning to others”. These will catch people off-guard, get some laughs, and lighten things up.
  3. Personal – Personalize your posters. Choose characters or images that resemble your office and employees and recreate a relatable daily task. Employees will have fun recognizing themselves and their coworkers.
  4. Comic – Create a quick 3 or 6 frame comic in poster form. Tell a fast humorous story; this will engage viewers and it’s an easy way to throw humor or a lesson into your poster.

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