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Creating and documenting processes and procedures is usually no one's favorite part of their job. This type of documentation is often dry and hard to follow, but also necessary for explaining best practices. Captivate your team and turn your process or procedure into a colorful and easy-to-follow infographic!

Design Process-Example
Design Process-Example

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3 Tips for Creating a Process and Procedure Infographic

  1. Create a Timeline

    First you need to establish a timeline. Is this type of process or procedure usually completed multiple times throughout the day, or will this take a full year to complete? Let your audience know the overall timeline so they can better understand how to complete each step.
  2. Simplify into Steps

    Next, break down each and every phase of your process into individual steps. The more specific you are, the better. The last thing you want is to lose people and have them skip a step, forcing them then to start over. Be clear and be specific.
  3. Keep it Linear or Cyclical

    Lastly, a process or procedure should either be linear or cyclical. Decide which one yours is and create an illustration to display it. If it's linear, have clear start and end points. If it's cyclical, make sure the final step in the process connects itself back to the fist step so there is no ambiguity about what's next.

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