Tablet Wireframes and Examples

Optimizing your web-pages for tablet users has becoming a critical aspect of maintaining and improving site traffic. A tablet page has a drastically different layout and feel than a desktop or mobile page. Tablet users generally have more time than mobile users, but not quite as much as desktop, which leads to a unique design and interface style. Create a tablet wireframe with one of our free templates today!

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3 Tips for Creating Tablet Wireframes

  1. Know the Device

    First things first: know which type of tablet your users are on. Dimensions differ from Android, to iPad, to Surface, and so on. Dig into your user data and establish what the most common type of tablet your users are on and optimize for that device.
  2. Limit Text Fields

    Second, keep in mind that your users do not have a keyboard in front of them, so typing out responses or identifying information requires much more effort. Instead of asking the user to input data via typing, give them button options to click instead.
  3. Optimize Buttons for Touch Screens

    Finally, now that you've optimized your tablet wireframe for fewer text inputs and more buttons, keep in mind that your users will be on a touch screen. Make your buttons big and spread far away from one another. Try to avoid radio buttons or clumped together call to actions, as this may lead to users clicking the wrong button and becoming inevitably frustrated.


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