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Agile development is the modern style of product development that breaks large projects into individual, discrete tasks aimed at achieving a particular product goal. One of the core goals of agile development is constant testing, analyzing, and iterating of the product to ultimately tailor it to the end user's needs. Creating an infographic for your agile process is the best way to implement agile with your team.

Agile Example
Agile Example

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3 Tips for Creating Agile Infographics

  1. Define Agile

    The concept of agile development may be new to some of your team members, and others might just need a refresher. Be sure to define what agile development is and give a few examples so your audience can have a better understanding of your infographic's message.
  2. Establish a Timeline for Sprints

    A key component of agile development is breaking down task work into sprints. Set timelines for these sprints so your team knows how much time they should allocate to each task before moving on with what is completed and starting the next sprint.
  3. Illustrate Cyclical Nature

    Lastly, agile development is a cycle. It involves prototyping, user testing, analyzing, iterating, then back to prototyping again. Illustrate this cycle in your infographic and add specifics to each section based on your business or the product you're working on.

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