5 Steps to Creating a Customer Journey Map

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Customer Journey Maps are narrative stories of your users that allow you to see how a customer may have a need for your product, how they would come across your product, and how your product can benefit them. Creating these maps lets us realize where we may have flaws or gaps in our marketing strategy or use case scenarios. Having a real and relatable customer story allows us to come up with the most logical solutions for our problems.

  1. Introduce your character and their problem. What is the issue your character is having?
  2. Explain why this issue is negatively impacting their life. Remember- an issue isn’t an issue unless it has negative consequences.
  3. Show how your product can serve as a solution for their issue. What makes your product the best?
  4. How would your character come across your product – billboard? Pay per click campaign? Cold calls? Show how this customer could become aware of your product as a potential solution for their issue.
  5. Finally, show a happy customer using the product. Was their original issue solved or did this just create more potential issues for them?

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